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Residential buildings

Residential buildings
Boutique Residence

Varna, Trakata, 3 Treta Str.


Luxurious Boutique Residence housing complex stands in Trakata, one of Varna’s most prestigious areas, in the proximity of Euxinograde palace and St. Ste. Konstantin i Elena resort. The complex was inaugurated in 2008 and comprises of three individual buildings of seven entrances and 73 apartments facing the sea. Boutique residence’s modern amenities are supplemented with open-air pool, artificial river, rich verdure, tennis court, fitness centre and a small cafe, open-air parking.

Residential buildings
Viva 3

Varna, 17 Dimitar Ikonomov Str.

Complex Viva 3 is the final stage of Planex Holding’s Viva Project for comprehensive urban solution for planned special-purpose areas for shopping, work, rest and entertainment. In architectural and structural aspect, the building is separated in four bodies, two of them being wholly residential, hosting 121 apartments; there are also office- and business sections. The building was inaugurated in December 2010, of built-up area 20510 sq.m.; the building avails of two-level underground parking.